PC Legal is able to provide expert advice to trustees and beneficiaries on all types of trusts including testamentary trusts, special disability trusts, protective trusts, charitable trusts, compensation trusts and family discretionary trusts.

Trusts offer a variety of benefits to individuals, families and businesses including tax effective income streaming, use and enjoyment of assets through the generations as well as asset protection opportunities for beneficiaries. We are able to advise on the various trust options available and can create the right trust for your particular circumstances.

We are also able to advise trustees, beneficiaries and appointors of their legal duties, rights and obligations in the administration of trusts.

Obligations of a Trustee

A trustee is obligated to administer a trust in accordance with the trust deed and the law.

The main duties of a trustee include:

  • Investing the trust funds
  • Keeping proper accounts
  • Lodging tax returns for the trust
  • Exercising discretions
  • Acting in the best interests of the beneficiaries
  • Making distributions in accordance with the provisions of the trust

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